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Design Ideas and Things to consider

You want to enjoy the features from high-traffic viewing spaces inside and outside the house, such as an office or kitchen, and, of course, as close to the patio or deck as possible. 

  • Consider the surrounding landscape when sizing a water feature.
  • The feature should blend into the space naturally. 
  • If you have a slope of any kind or there is potential to create a higher elevation, consider this when planning a waterfall or stream. 
  • Are the kids and pets going to want to interact with the feature? Creating steps to dance around the outside of the waterfall and pond may be something to consider, as well as steps leading into the water. Stepping stones are a fantastic feature. 
  • Consider what types of plants will be preferred. We may want to design larger shallow shelves for marginal plant lovers or quiet eddies for lilies. 
  • If you plan to keep fish, give them an exciting space to swim around in and somewhere for them to shelter from the sun and keep safe. 
  • Bridges are a great way to interact with your water feature and provide a nice aesthetic touch. 
  • What do you expect from your waterfall? Do you want a feature that is very subtle, quiet and peaceful? Do you want something that will provide a barrier of sound from the 4 lanes of traffic beyond the fence line? Do you want grand high waterfalls or a clean sheet like an olympic diver, splash free? Consider splash if you plan to run your waterfall in the winter. Are rapids your style or a wide calm stream your taste?