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These features are perfect for tight spaces or to give the element of height and water to a landscape. Fountainscapes give a very grand feel and can be complemented with landscape lighting or fire to really make them POP! Fountains can be installed solo or in groups and are very low maintenance. They can also be incorporated into a pond feature or pondless waterfall. 
Fire and water spillway bowl
Fountainscape extra small sphere

Extra Small Sphere

Single Extra Small Sphere or Urn Fountain
Starting at $5,250
Single Medium Sphere or Urn Fountain
Starting at $7,650
Trio-Small, Medium and Large Sphere or Urn Fountains
Starting at $15,950
Fountainscapes are fully customizable, with many options, including fire and light. Bubbling natural stone may also be installed. These features are priced and fully installed.
what makes up a fountainscape

All of our Fountainscapes include:

  • Reservoir
  • Pump
  • Pipe and fittings
  • Fountain feature
  • Fieldstone boulders
  • River rock