(647) 299-7149 Mon - Sat 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
(647) 299-7149 Mon - Sat 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Water Feature Maintenance

Relax and enjoy. We will take care of your water feature. We are here for you every step of the way. Call us for advice or to schedule a service visit. We can manage any obstacle you may encounter with your water feature. 
Pump used for clean out of ponds
Maintenance cleanout
Spring Start-Up. Leave the fine details to us.
Starting at $495
Loyal client discounts may apply. We recommend our clients take advantage of our spring start-up services. We provide a thorough clean to ensure a healthy start for the water feature. During our service visit, debris will be removed, filters and equipment will be reinstalled, lights will be checked, and any products needed for the season will be supplied. Our technician will ensure your feature is functioning properly, and if intervention is required, it will be discussed and addressed.
In-Season Service.
Starting at $395
We encourage our clients to have us visit to manage routine maintenance, including filter cleaning, equipment inspections, treatment application, trimming of plants, etc. During our visit, we may pick up on a concern that the untrained eye may not see. These service visits are great before a large event or even weekly. All of our service visits include a comprehensive checklist.
Fall Shut Down. That time has come. 
Starting at $395
Have us manage your closing. We will remove heavy debris, ensure your fish are safe and ready for winter and winterize your equipment. Again, our technicians know what to look for to avoid future issues.

Check List

  • Drain and thoroughly clean feature
  • Inspect and clean existing equipment
  • Inspect edging and waterfalls
  • Trim spent and over-grown aquatic plants
  • Manage water quality
water features pond maintenence - clean out