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Recreation Ponds

A custom water feature designed for more than just the sights and sounds of an ecosystem pond, these features are intended for interaction. Kick your shoes off and jump right in! With all natural wetland filtration this pond can be enjoyed below the surface by the whole family and all kinds of pets. Traditional chemically treated pools are being replaced by trending organic features that can be enjoyed 365 days a year.
Recreation pond for dipping in

9’ x 20’ Recreation Pond

9’ x 20’ x 4’ Recreation Pond
Starting at $82,650
This feature is a beautiful ecosystem pond, lush in aquatic vegetation and great for cooling off or floating in a tube. 
19’ x 24’x 6’  Recreation Pond
Starting at $158,950
This swimmable feature includes many upgrades, including a deep end of 6’. The wetland filtration is a feature that will keep the water clear and healthy and provide a beautiful aquatic garden space.
21’ x 30’x 6’ Recreation Pond
Starting at $205,650
A great natural retreat on your property. There is no need to drive to cottage country. This feature has everything needed for your dose of water. Clean, clear, and so much more.
All Recreation Ponds are fully customizable, with many upgrades and sizes available.
Diagram showing liner, Underlayment, and Rock Pad


  • Intake bay
  • Wetland filtration
  • External pump
  • Pipe and fittings
  • Installation package
  • Fieldstone boulders
  • River rock and gravel
  • Triple mix dressing
  • Light aquatic planting
  • Light perennial planting
  • Site clean up